A Artista

She was born in Sao Paulo and she took a degree in law. However the metal craftsmanship, is where Paula Di Dario found her real way of expressing herself.

She founded her own brand with the purpose of turning individual and unique wishes into eternal moments. Her rare pieces are only produced individual and according to the customers request.

Paula has in her home studio the greatest passion of her life, her kids Mateus and Diogo who love drawing and express a magical world using art spontaneously without any sort of prejudice or barriers. Observing her children drawings, the artist found out the way to make this childhood moments eternal by changing this pure drawing into decorative items or personal ornaments in jewelry pieces.

The artist can also develop her pieces based on her person inspiration or upon any request the customer may have. The materials used in her craft are always carefully select. She believes a customers desire or wish has a great emotional value and deserves to be produce likewise.

The Art

  • Express a magical world
    Paula Di Dario

All the pieces are produced by the artist sensitive hands. She takes care of every single detail from the beginning to the end. Issuing one hundred per cent handcraft essence and dedication. Each piece produced is part of a history, an inspiration and are produced only once or in a limited edition.

In the art "Look at my drawing" the pieces are created with extreme care since the aime is to be faithful to the little artist drawing. Turning a drawing into pieces is making their childhood eternal and recording a period of their life's that won't came back. To make moments like this came to life the art "look at my drawing" is really special and one of Paula's favorite.

Ornaments and jewels can be order and will be develop by the artist in limited edition. If you are looking for delicate personal objects or decor you've just found the right artist. The target audience is customers who appreciate special personalize goods.

Home Studio

In her home studio she makes the most of her knowledge in handcraft jewelry techniques, molding, sculpture, wood and metal materials, drawing and painting techniques. The mixer of expertise, materials, sensitive and wishes turn dreams into reality.

The Work